How’s Holidays going??

Hey Room 16, I just turned the channel over and I saw Willow – whip my hair and I thought of you all. How are your holidays going? I haven’t been up to much because it’s been raining so much…but I have done lots of christmas shopping! – Mrs Nelson

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at assmbly we had a manwa they  showed  some  staf. room16 showed  there fire wroks and i had to some of  my fire wroks + my  mum and  baby and aunty was there.grace

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I had fun into a airplain.I got to see lots of  house and  town  or  grandad  took  us  everywere in wellington.

from shyla

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new house

new house we have four brim and two sepas and I have  t you hat to get pu the bakbed.

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Diwali  is  a  indian   sttuf   that    pepple  likes  to  do   normally   some   indian    pepple   dont   like    indian     sttuf    but .   normally    pepple like   Indian   swwwts    and     sanks     too   – shyla

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in room16 we have sent emails to room10.I haved sent my emails to my frend his neam is poe and poe liav daon on de udo sued he in vuet me to his pate and der was heps of kex and sociocg at his pate and pade it was fun…


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I read Donald Loves Druming. In Donal loves Drumming he was sleeping and still drumming in his dreams then he tried painting and his sister said it was too messy. When I fhinhsed  it  because it  was fantastic.liked it Jordan

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